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ArrowChat v1.5.11 Hotfix RUS NULL-FS

ArrowChat v1.5.11 Hotfix RUS NULL-FS

ArrowChat v1.5.11 RUS - мощный чат, основанный на базе jQuery и имеет поддержку как Joomla, vBulletin, IP Board, так и других платформ. Он расположен в нижней части вашего сайта похож на Facebook Chat.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed the red message bubble alert from bouncing twice in a row which would ruin the styling.
* Fixed a bug with chat room scrolling.
* Leaving a chat room will now destroy the session instantly instead of waiting to timeout.
* session_write_close is now called at the end of each file to prevent session hanging problems.
* Fixed a problem with chat rooms only loading the last 30 messages total and not the last 30 messages for each room.
* Fixed a problem with selection of databases.
* Fixed a problem with the chat tabs getting mixed up because of incorrect logic.
* Fixed a problem with the ArrowChat javascript variables interfering with other variables on a webpage.
* Fixed problems caused by JQuery 1.7+.
* Fixed a problem with "Block private chats" in chat rooms not always working correctly.
* Fixed a problem with templates adding slashes.
* Fixed a problem with FireFox showing chat windows on the left side of the screen.
* Fixed a problem with the file upload.
* Fixed being able to ban users in multiple chat rooms.
* Fixed the deprecated PHP function, split.
* Admins can now see invisible users.
* The notifications markup is now in the language file.
* Smilies with slashes, quotes, angle brackets, and apostrophes will now work.
* Smilies will now update in the admin panel.
* Fixed a problem with the admin panel's checkboxes.
* Fixed a problem with smilies if the base URL was a full URL.
* Chat rooms will now have scroll bars when too many rooms are added.
* Fixed a problem with PHP adding slashes in the language.
* The Twitter application now works in Internet Explorer.
* Chat room names with quotes or apostrophes will now work correctly.
* Fixed a problem with quotes in usernames.
* Fixed all "undefined index" bugs.
* The receive file now checks for sessions before setting them to prevent PHP errors.

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