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CF Image Hosting Script 1.4.2

CF Image Hosting Script 1.4.2

Что нового в CF Image Hosting Script 1.4.2: tongue

Browser Cache Control
One of the most important updates I believe for 1.4 is the better use of browser Cache Control for images. What will reduce the bandwidth used, the load on your server and speeding up your site.

Random Image widget
Will show 4 random images from the Gallery on the bottom of your index and thumbnail page.

Disallow Duplicate Images
This new ability allows you stop users from uploading duplicate images or images that have been uploaded by other users.

New image format (PSD)
You're now able to upload Photoshop files .PSD, which will be converted to PNG's on upload.

Image Watermark
Added the ability to use a image watermark. right now you will have to upload it by ftp to a folder on your server and add the address to the image, in settings under watermark. (ex. upload it to img folder, then in setting you would put as the address "img/watermark.png). All Images what get watermarked will be cache in the temp folder.

Other New Features
Admin login Remember Me
Admin image management now uses Ajax to remove/delete images
RSS feed now uses the Language set in settings
Frequently asked questions page.
Resize Image on upload
New google URL shorter
More site themes
Updated Admin layout

Переводите сами, я уже как то перевел описание для программы через Promt, так меня каками закидали... unsure

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